The new bidi code

Introducing the powerful distant dense speedy tag

Etiqueta con sombra



Distant reading

Distant reading

12x times farther than QR and barcodes



Codification & space

Ultra fast

Ultra fast

1/30 second to read

Wide angled reading

Wide angled reading

160º degree

No focusing

No focusing

No need to focus

CRC protection

CRC protection

Integrated security

Multiple reading

Multiple reading

200 codes per frame



Distance information centimeters & inchs

Light conditions

Light conditions

Reading in all light conditions

Our team

Foto de Juan Manuel Sáez

Juan Manuel Sáez

Foto de Francisco Escolano

Francisco Escolano

Foto de Miguel Ángel Lozano

Miguel Ángel Lozano

Foto de Jose Martínez

Jose Martínez

Senior Videographer

Foto de Bárbara García

Bárbara García

Senior Developer

Foto de Jose Miguel Nicolás

Jose Miguel Nicolás

Senior UI/UX Designer & Senior Web Developer

Foto de Pedro Esquiva y Ulysses

Pedro Esquiva & Ulysses

Accessibility Expert & R&D

Foto de Javier Sánchez

Javier Sánchez

Project Manager & Senior Developer

Foto de Víctor Ortín

Víctor Ortín

Senior Developer

Foto de Juan Miguel Sánchez

Juan Miguel Sánchez

Senior Developer

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Eduardo Rey

Senior Web Developer

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Raúl Moreno

Project & Sales Manager

Foto de Laura Fernández

Laura Fernández

Customer Service

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Mayka González

Customer Service

Foto de Ramón González

Ramón González

Cloud Specialist & SysAdmin

Foto de Víctor González

Víctor González

Senior Cloud Specialist & SysAdmin

Foto de Nuria Fructuoso

Nuria Fructuoso

Marketing Manager

Foto de Javier Pita

Javier Pita


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Unlike other markers, such as the familiar QR codes, ddTags has a powerful algorithm based on Artificial Vision capable of detecting multiple markers at great distances in milliseconds, even with the device in motion and without the need to focus.